The EMOTE project, developed by a Portuguese team of researchers, aims to develop robotic tutors as learning facilitator tools.

Current platforms fail to engage students the same way a traditional teacher does, as they lack the personal, human elements. EMOTE focuses on a new generation of Empathic Robots.

The project explores how the exchange of emotional cues with an artificial tutor may create a sense of connection and benefit the learning experience.

Research is being held in real classroom settings. Children between 11 to 13 years old are given the opportunity to interact with a NAO™ robot and a MultiTouch™ table and perform activities and games aligned with the current pedagogical curriculum.

You can get closer to this project visiting the exhibition at Praça do Comércio.

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PCAS project aims at reducing data exposure when on mobile devices. PCAS will provide a mobile data storage and transfer environment using biometrics to encrypt data, secure communication and authenticate users.

SPD (Secure Personal Device) is a smartphone accessory that mimics a protective sleeve but will store information, authenticate the user and mediate communication with service provides.

Complementary to the SPD, the PCAS project will define, design and implement a set of security protocols and services that will allow the access to data (from the user on the smartphone or service providers) and the implementation of additional services:

  • Encrypted data storage and transfer to the SPD;
  • Transactions (document signing, operation authorizations);
  • User authentication (in person on the device, the web or physically);
  • Mobile payments (after biometric authentication on the SPD).

Location: Connect Area

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