Oettinger at ICT 2015 opening

October 20, and over three days, Lisbon becomes the innovation hub in Europe regarding Information and Communication Technologies.

The ICT 2015 conference’s opening plenary will be chaired by Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Economy and Digital Society.

During the first day Oettinger will discuss the strategy for the European Industry Digitalization, one of the leading topics discussed in the program of the biggest European ICT event.

Oettinger strategy is focused on 4 main pillars:

1 – Every region in Europe should have a digital innovation hub which needs to contribute to innovate products, processes and business models.

2 – Ensure the availability of state-of-the-art open and interoperable platforms that any business can use to make its products, processes or services ready for the digital age.

3 – A smart regulation for tomorrow’s smart industry.

4 – Closing the digital skills gap.

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